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ADE7953 small current measurement

Question asked by BenjaminHo on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2012 by hmani


if I like to measure current from 30mA to 30A, kindly advise

1. What the min current ADE7953 can measure?

2. How to design the resistor/capacitor network to IAP & IAN for 30mA to 30A, refer to EVB schematic UG-194 PG 14.

3. It that normal when measure small current < 50mA, ZX_I (pin 21)signal is lost?

4. What register must configure during small current measurement?

5. For AP_NOLOAD and VAR_NOLOAD register have a default value of 58393, which makes ADE7953 cannot detect low-current such as less that 100 mA. I have to change the default value of AP_NOLOAD and VAR_NOLOAD when I measure a low-current of less than 50 mA. How to calculate AP_NOLOAD and VAR_NOLOAD value for eliminating a low-current of less than 5 mA?(based on CT)?