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What is a compressed output file format adv212?

Question asked by kimjaeyun on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2012 by DaveD

Hello Dave.


1. I want to konw the information about J2K stream format.

    I've reviewing TechNote(ADV202 Output formats and attribute data format), Where can I found ADV212 TechNote?


2. I want to know how to control the ADV212 compressed rate.

    ex) Control the ADV212 compressed rate => register setting methed, or register map


3. ADV212 possible  to  control the compressed rate?

    If possible, type of compressed rate?

    ex) compressed rate : 1:4, 1:9, 1:xx, 1:xx etc.....supported.


I do not konw the basics, even if you fully understand.


thank you.