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TS201 problem with using multiple heaps

Question asked by Shuai on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2012 by CraigG

to whom it may concern:


  I want to use four separate heaps and each of them locates in different memory blocks.

  TS201 has defined two heaps.There are ldf_defheap and ldf_altheap. What I need to do is to define two more heaps,namely ldf_heap2 and ldf_heap3.

   I have followed the steps of "VisualDSP++5.0 C&C++ Compiler and Library Manual for TigerSHARC Processors, Using Multiple Heaps,page-1-129" to set .ldf and ts_hdr.asm files. The ldf_heap2 and ldf_heap3 are successfully defined, and both of them work well.


But, there are two problems:


   The ldf_defheap and ldf_altheap can be showed on the memory map window of Expert linker, and the usage of them can be detected by the Expert linker when debugging.

   But the ldf_heap2 and ldf_heap3 can not be showed.



   In the file of linker_log.xml, the item <TEXT> of ts_hdr.doj  shows "unkown", which should be "DOUBLE32" or "DOUBLEANY".


  So how can I settle these two problems?


   Hope to get expected answers soon.