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Error if I change the file properties in a SHARC CCES project

Question asked by Andi.G on Dec 12, 2012
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I'have made a CCES project for the SHARC ADSP-21161 processor. If I change for any of the source files the properties to "non-default", e.g. I switch on the optimization for only one source file, the following build process fails with an error. In the error log of the toolchain appears "Error running builder 'CDT Builder" on project xyz. Then I double-click the error entry and the message box in the attached image appears.


If I choose in the project property page the 'internal builder' (under 'C/C++ Build', 'Builder Settings'), no error occurs. It seems for me like that the regeneration of the make file fails, which is needed for the default Builder Setting 'External builder'.


I have now tried with another very simple project (like in your video tutorial 'HelloWorld'), but it's always the same problem. There must be a error in the Analog Device MakefileGenerator Plugin.


Thank you in advice for your help!




Update 12.12.2012 09:45: Unfortunately I can't reply via the 'answer' button, because our company supper dupper firewall filters out the javascript...(Thank you John McAfee!). I have to write the answer at home.