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DMA on ADSP21364

Question asked by savinat on Aug 8, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2009 by DeepV

Hi, to all

I have written a source code on C for initializing DMA parameters. In one function when interupt is generated i want to exchange the addresses of the bufers in the DMA reister. For example:


*pIISP0A = (unsigned int) &rx_buf0a[0];
*pIISP1A = (unsigned int) &tx_buf1a[0];



So i want to do something like this:


*pIISP0A = (unsigned int) &tx_buf1a[0];

*pIISP1A = (unsigned int) &rx_buf0a[0];


My question -  can i   write in  *pIISP0A = (unsigned int) &tx_buf 1a[0]; or if the DMA register is IISP0A the buffer must be also tx_buf 0a[0] ?


Or i have to write like this:


*pIISP0A = (unsigned int) &rx_buf0a[0];
*pIISP1A = (unsigned int) &tx_buf1a[0];




*pIISP0A = (unsigned int) &tx_buf0a[0];
*pIISP1A = (unsigned int) &rx_buf1a[0];


Wich one them  is more right.