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Simple Phase Reset with 9910 Eval Board

Question asked by barbarat on Dec 11, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2012 by barbarat

I have purchased the 9910 evaluation board for a very simple application.  I want to have the frequency output start at the same phase (the actual value of the phase is not important) and have this "reset" occur during a TTL pulse supplied by another device.  In that manner I will have phase coherence with my experiment.  My best guess is that I can accomplish this by having two profiles that are identical, and then toggling between them.  This is under the assumption that that toggling will reset the phase, even though both profiles are identical.  In order to not get lost in the world of programming this beast, my hope is that I can set the profiles with the evaluation software.  I can then drive the profile logic by supplying an external trigger pulse, more or less in the spirit of the description of FSK with a simple bit stream as given on page 42 of the 9910 data sheet.

Will this work?  Is there anything else I need to consider?