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LwIP on BF537 not working with Marvell switch

Question asked by silenuszhi on Dec 11, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2012 by silenuszhi
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Hi Crag,

     I'm using a bf537 custom board and I connected bf537 mac to marvell 88e6351 switch on port 4,and port 4 is configured as a MII mode.I connected a router to port 1 to make a DHCP server.


     And when I use the default project in vdsp++5.0 update 10 ,it will lingers when check if the connection is established.And I comment out these lines in the driver to not let 537 check.


     And then it goto the acquire of the IP address.After some time, it will show


ip address:


     so what i should do next?is there some reg in switch to configure?