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AD9959 output decoupling

Question asked by MaxTronics on Dec 11, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2012 by sitti

Hi all,


I am using an AD9959 to generate a sine wave at a frequency up to 10MHz (minimum frequency 1MHz). The amplitude of this signal should be up to 2.4V peak-to-peak centered with respect to the ground signal. I have been suggested to use an op-amp to achieve the correct gain as explained in the application note MT-019. My question is the following.

I need to decouple the sine wave generation circuit from the load (a 50 ohm input amplifier). Can I use a transformer like the ADT1-1WT used in the evaluaton board? In other words, can I connect the output of the gain amplifier to the transformer? Or it is better to use a unity gain buffer AC coupled to the output of the gain amplifier?


Thank you for your help.