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Differences between HPPCI-ICE and HPUSB-ICE

Question asked by hmluk on Dec 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2013 by hmluk

Are there any functional differences between the HPPCI-ICE and the HPUSB-ICE? I have been using an HPPCI-ICE for a number of years. Most recently on a BF548M processor on a custom board and with JTAG adaptor cable. The board uses the USB interface on the 548M. When connected to the HPPCI-ICE, the program I have, sends a few debug strings as the USB connects and enumerates. The USB connection works fine. When I use the HPUSB-ICE the enumeration process does not complete and therefore the USB connection is not made. Why should a different ICE cause this?

Any suggestions would help.