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GPIO-controlled mux/demux

Question asked by KhronX on Dec 8, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2013 by BrettG

Greetings everyone, first-time poster here.


My intention is to put together a sort of DIY (studio) monitor controller, using an ADAU144x DSP.


Now, what i basically intend this to be, is an output selector. I'm a bit stuck at the switching side of things, using the tools / blocks available in SigmaStudio.


I'm positive i'll need some index-selectable (de-)multiplexers, but the part i'm having trouble with is the blocks i'd need to use between the GPIO inputs (using momentary push-buttons) and the "index" input to these mux/demux blocks.




I'm hoping this screenshot might better illustrate what i want to achieve.


Stereo input, 3 possible stereo outputs. Default = first pair selected; press button GPIO_1 = second pair is selected; press button GPIO_3 = third pair is selected.


And also, is there any way for the selection to be saved (ie. interface_read/write function)?


I'm eagerly looking forward to any ideas you good people might be able and willing to throw my way