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ADXL345 Development Board

Question asked by IslandsInnovation on Dec 9, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by Anthony.DeSimone

Greetings MEMS Team,


Thanks for offering such a cool little development board for the ADXL345! 


I'm using it for an exciting sports analytics application, and the ability to have such a small unit that records data within 3 minutes of opening the box is priceless!  It will certainly speed my prototyping!


I'm currently using the unit with its default 100Hz, +/-2G settings with good initial results, but will soon need to increase both sampling rate and G range.


Hopefully I can get the pre-built hex files to download to the board.  If so, this should be all I need to make a lot of progress on my design. 


Before I start, I have a few questions...I'll be using a Lenovo laptop with Windows 7.


1)  Is there a USB to serial (D-Sub) converter cable that is known to work with this board under Windows 7?  I was planning to get a popular Manhatten USB to Serial Cable from Amazon, unless your team has any other suggestions:


2)  Do you have any advice on downloading the pre-built hex files and installing them under Windows 7?  I haven't downloaded and setup the ARMWSD utility described in the manual yet...figured I'd check in with you first.  Any advice you have would be helpful...I don't want to disable the current configuration without some confidence.  My ideal settings are something around 1kHz sample rate and +/-8G's max.


3)  Are you planning to support this development board for a while?  Any new accelerometer or gyro development boards in the works?