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Can't make EVAL-AD5420/22EBZ update output

Question asked by Aitortxo on Dec 7, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2012 by Aitortxo

Good afternoon,


I have just purchased an EVAL-AD5420/22EBZ with an AD5422

All jumpers are in their default state and the evaluation software installed and running


An Oscilloscope is connected to TP1..TP4

Latch, SCLK and SDIN signals are swapping correctly for all the messages evaluation software sends.

But SDO is always low, even for reading operations.


I was expecting to read something different from 'all zeros' in a Register, after writing something on it.


For example, using 'Read / Write Registers section in Evaluation Software,

  1. Select 'Write Control Register'
  2. Write '1000' in Data Write
  3. Push 'Ok'
  4. -> 551000 is sent through SCLK and SDIN; and finnished with LATCH signal high: OK.
  5. Select 'Read Control Register'
  6. Push 'Ok'
  7. -> 020002 is sent finnised with LATCH, and then 000000 followed with LATCH. SDO signal is always low. Shouldn't have I received 001000?


Please, am I doing something wrong?

Can you help me receiving the first message?


Thanks in advance,