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Question about the state memory of custom modules

Question asked by ChrisW679 on Dec 6, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2012 by JJoseph



I have a question about the state memory which is accessed with the pointer on the SSBlockAlgo structure.


In my custom module, I have defined a structure which is initialized in my INIT function. I am accessing this structure via the pointer pState[0] in SSBlockAlgo. If I set the state memory correctly in the Algorithm designer in SigmaStudio, it is working fine and I can work with my variables in the PROCESSING function.


In addition to this, I would like to instantiate a pointer on AMF_Biquad. I want to use that filter as it is used in the example adi_biquad.c, i.e. set coefficients and render an input vector using the function AMF_Biquad_Render().


But which state memory do I have to use in this case? I tried pStateB but the filter does not seem to work. And I wanted to make sure that I am using the correct memory before making any further investigations.