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SPORT interrupts

Question asked by savinat on Aug 4, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2010 by jeyanthi.jegadeesan


I had onfigured the sport 0 for recieving data from external source(audio codec) and Sport 1 - transmiting data. When tha recieving is complette i used the intrrupt function to generate the interrupt. in this function i only inverce the addresses in the DMA registers, le this:

void main(void)
int count = 0;
int i;

interrupt (SIG_SP0, Sport0_Irq_Rx);




void Sport0_Irq_Rx(int sig)
if(buffer_status == 1)
   *pIISP1A = (unsigned int) &rx_buf1a[0];
   *pIISP0A = (unsigned int) &tx_buf0a[0];
   buffer_status = 0;
   *pIISP1A = (unsigned int) &rx_buf0a[0];
   *pIISP0A = (unsigned int) &tx_buf1a[0];
   buffer_status = 1;


But when i call the interrupt (SIG_SP0, Sport0_Irq_Rx); in the main function, the Sport0_Irq_Rx unction  doesn`t execute. What could be  the problem???