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ADA4857 as charge amplifier

Question asked by abhijitpethkar on Dec 6, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2012 by charlyelkhoury

We were using AD8620 Op Amp in our previous application but now want to use the ADA4857 op amp as integrator / charge amplifier. I have compared the following parameters of both the op amps


Sl. No.ParametersAD8620ADA4857
1Supply voltage+/-5V+/-5V
2Noise (In nV/Sqrt(Hz))64.4
3Gain-Bandwidth product (In MHz)25110
4Power supply current / amplifier
(In mA)
5Output Current
(In mA)
6Rail to Rail OutNoNo
7Amplifier per package22
8Temperature GradeIndInd
9Temperature (deg C)–40°C to +125°C –40°C to +125°C
11Price ($)15.356.13
12Height (In mm)1.751
13Length (In mm)6.24
14Breadth (In mm)53.75


Should I go ahead with the ADA4857 in our application as charge amplifier?

Do I have to compare any other parameters?

What should be the selection criteria as a charge amplifier/integrator?