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ade7758 power meter

Question asked by gehan on Dec 5, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2012 by hmani

hi all,


i want to design a power meter using the ade7758.

is there a application note for this particular IC ???

i was referring to other application notes and came across some problems


  1. in AN-641 app note page 11, what is the purpose of putting R20 to R36 and then short circuiting them ??
  2. in AN-641 app note page 11, i'm thinking TP8,10,12 are connected to the neutral and it is named AGND. then for supplying power there are 3 transformers stepping down the 3 phases and the transformer primary and secondary are short circuited (the ground side of both of them are named AGND). wouldn't that harm the circuitry ??
  3. in AN-564 app note page 12, the 2 VSS pins of the PIC, one is connected to the AGND while the other is connected to the DGND. then wouldn't that make L1 short circuit ??? why has this being done ???
  4. can i achieve complete isolation from the AC mains without using a resistor devider directly.


          thanks in advance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!