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ADV7181C Video Conversion

Question asked by rsavage on Dec 5, 2012
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I am using a ADV7181C to convert PAL, NTSC to 20bit YCbCr.


I appear to be converting the Analogue Input Video OK but I'm seeing a 'jump' in the Data from the 7181.


I am converting the 20bit data to SDI which again appears to be working well, although the 'jump' mentioned above is taking the converted video out of SD-SDI spec.


I worked my way backwards from the SDI Serialiser to the ADV7181 and I can see what appears to be the 'jump' in the data on the SFL\SYNC_OUT (Pin 9) of the ADV7181C. I'm guessing this is also present within the embedded syncs of the 20bit data.


I then removed the Analogue Video Input source to allow the 7181C to output its "Blue Screen", expecting the 'jump' to disappear.


The Sync continues to 'jump' even with the ADV7181C outputting a "perfect" Blue Screen output.


Do you have any ideas as to why this 'jump' is present.


Thank you.




Rob Savage.