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BF592 out of memory - everything goes to libc532.dlb

Question asked by ExtrasensorySystems on Dec 4, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2012 by CraigG

Hi Craig and all -


I have a very neat little seismometer built for the University. It has a BF592 and a LOT of AD7608's on.


I am trying to use the device drivers to set up a simple 2xSPI and 1xUART application in a BF592.
I am basically combining the code in the SPI and UART ECHO driver demos.


Once that is done, the project runs out of space.

I have set up optimizations and symbol elimination - and everything gives a tiny bit more space.


The obvious robber is libc532.dlb, which hogs 95% or so of the memory and leaves me a few scraps to program on.
It does not look like my ROM is coming in handy at all, even though I have tried setting the Processor(2) setting to include it.


Is there a way of just using the bits of that library I need?
What am I doing wrong?


Do I really need to program this on register level?


Thanks sweet gurus in advance.