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ADL5902 RMS Detector Noise Response

Question asked by ecrean on Dec 5, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2012 by enash

Ihave a question about the ADL5902 RMS detector.  We need to measure a noise waveform power level.  It is a

BIT detector noise source.  The level is ~ -30 dBm in a 30 MHz BW at 450 MHz center frequency.  It is pure noise, with

a 10 dB pk/avg ratio. 


I am confused about how these RMS detectors work.   Will the detector respond with a voltage corresponding to the

-30 dBm RMS level of the noise?  Or is there some internal BW of the device that has to be taken into account?  Transient

time is not critical…a stable reading is more important.



Ed Crean