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ADV7612 Jitter Compliance

Question asked by JWHIT on Dec 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2013 by JWHIT

Hi -

We are undergoing HDMI compliance testing on our design, using ADV7612.  We are having trouble with HDMI CTS test 8-7 (Jitter Tolerance) at 1080 p60 12-bit (222.75 MHz TMDS clock), failing only during the 2nd cable emulator tests (see attachment).  I am using the recommended EQ settings, and enabling/disabling the dynamic EQ (HDMI reg, offset 0x96) does not seem to have any effect.  Our design is very simple, with only 1/2 inch pcb traces from the connector to the ADV7612 (and RCLAMP0524 esd protection).


Is it possible to further tune the EQ settings (HDMI reg, offset 0x8c - 0x94) for better support of this format?  Are there any other register settings that may have an effect on this test? 


Thanks for any feedback,