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Basics on 32-bit manipulation

Question asked by saul01 on Aug 3, 2009
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I am new to the Blackfin; however I'd like to use it for a comercial project (Audio). I am used to working with T.I.s 32-bit processors and reading that the B.F. has a "16/32 bit" description confuses me.


Questions (BF518) :

1)  SDRAM needs to be 16-bit, correct ?, if true, does that mean that the program word (instruction word size) is also 16-bit ? What tells the DSP that in order to execute an instruction that is in external memory, it would need to do one or two or multiple fetches ?


2) Does it make sense to use this DSP with a 24-bit / 96KHz CODEC ? or is the SHARC a better platform ?


3) Is there Cache in the DSP ?


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