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Question asked by ynakata Employee on Dec 3, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2012 by ynakata

I have some questions of ADV7392.

Could you please support them?


Application: Printer

Device: ADV7392



(1) Software Reset function

When an user send the command of Software Reset, are any restrictions put on

For instance, in the case of ADV7403, in the D/S, ADI recommend users to put 5ms
interval before next command.


(2) connect ADV7392 to ADV7181C

When we connect ADV7392 to ADV7181C at 16bit (4:2:2), Cb/Cr are upside-down at SD

The result at HD signal hasn't been checked.

The user succeed to correct the upside-down order by changing the following register setting of ADV7181C.


SWPC Swap Pixel Cr/Cb (SDP), Address 0x27, [7]

On the other hand, they haven’t found such a register in ADV7392.


     1. Is their way to solve the issue right? Does ADI have another recommending setting?

     2. Why is it upside-down between the two device?


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