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ADV7513 without HDCP, Audio and CEC

Question asked by Hooin-Kyoma on Dec 3, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2012 by mattp

Yes it's a new design and the ADV7513 looks like a good alternative. What is the background of prefering these chips to AD9889B?


Following update for my questions regarding the ADV7513:

  1. Audio Inputs, HDCP, CEC will not be used.
  2. What should I do technically on Hardware side with the unused pins? (left floating, pull-down to GND, ...) Is the statement in chapter 6.1.1 of the HW user guide valid?
  3. Do I have the possibility to deactivate them by setting the registers in a certain way? HDCP and SPDIF can be deactivated on Software side. Is this also possible for I2C[3:0],MCLK,LRCLK,SCLK,CEC,CEC_CLK ?
  4. Will the Hardware/Software side deactivation cause any problems or any other issues? Will the chip still work correctly in terms of video output without CEC, Audio, HDCP?
  5. Is it possible to use only 12 Bit of the Videodata-Inputs for RGB in Bayer Format? - Not possible (ref. 1.4 HW user guide).
  6. Indirectly answered in 5.
  7. Is it possible to put a file with the inital preset values on the ADV7513's Design Support Files page as done at the AD9889B's page?