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LabView source for ADAS1000 and AD7656-1 evaluation boards

Question asked by Karel on Dec 3, 2012
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we are developing medical research equipment. We use LabView environment for measuring data and calculating. Until now we use medical monitors connected with LabView A/D converter. We want to use Analog chips for construction of the device with direct USB output to computer with LabView. I have already ordered 2 evaluation kits for this purpose - ADAS1000 (ADASS1000SDZ) for ECG and respiration input and AD7656-1SDZ for analog pressure inputs. Of course with interface board. We would like to use the same LabView environment and I have noticed that evaluation software is acually built in LabView. Can I use both boards together if the SDP-B board has 2 connectors? Could I have LabView sources for these two kits for another developing? 


Thank you

Karel Zadrobilek