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AD5932 waveform generator- device reset

Question asked by AVR on Dec 3, 2012
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Recently we have started working with AD5932 waveform generator for generating sine waves for our application.We could interface AD5932 successfully with microcontroller and generate sine waves,but for our application we need to generate sine wave with  5Khz frequency for 200 millisec and 5.1khz for next  200millisec and going back to 5Khz and so on in the loop for some user selectable time period.


We have chosen external  frequency increment method, initially from 5khz to 5.1 khz it is incrementing with out reset,when we try to decrement by updating the frequency register to 5khz the device get rest and then update.


Is there any way to generate the frequency in the above said pattern with out reseting the device.?


Waiting for your comments..


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