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When will you be applied for new IEC61010-1 3rd edition about ADuM1301/1401?

Question asked by Kaos on Nov 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2013 by MSCantrell

Dear Sir/Madam,


When can we get your next model for IEC61010-1 3rd Edition as for ADuM1301/1401?


We will use your ADuM1301 and 1401 current models.

They models are approved for IEC61010-1 2nd Ed on your datasheet the part of REGULATORY INFORMATION.

Current IEC61010-1 is 3rd Ed , and almost products(be applied for this standard) should get the approval before 2013 October I heard.

We also should verify our product with your 3rd edition models.

I need your release schedule info at present.


Thanks, Kaos