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21489 flash programming through UART (EE345)

Question asked by Vince on Nov 29, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2012 by Mitesh

Hi there:


I downloaded the example codes of EE345: Boot Kernel Customization and Firmware Upgradeability on SHARC Processors.

In the last example it demonstrates how to program the SPI flash on ez-kit through UART.

Right now I have a 21489 ez-kit so I modify the example for 21469 a bit to make it run on my ez-kit.

I followed the instructions in the document, but the PC GUI (Firmware_Upgrade.exe) always hangs after I click on "Upgrade" and then SW8 on the kit.

Through Hyper Terminal, I am sure 21489 sends START_LOADING and the program proceeds as I type something.

So I wonder maybe there is something wrong with the PC GUI that it could not parse the length of the .ldr file (the GUI is supposed to send the length of .ldr upon receiving START_LOADING)?


Any advice is appreciated.