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AD8368 - VGA mode

Question asked by veera on Nov 28, 2012
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In one of the Thread,( ), it is mentioned that Wideband signals cannot be used in AGC mode.

Our system has 40MHz band, and hence it cannot be used in AGC mode right?


In VGA mode, does the HPFL and DECL capacitors play a major role? I could not understand perfectly about the selection of these capacitors, but I assume each capacitor will set a individual cutoff for the High Pass filter, and the highest of the  frequencies should be considered as the Cutoff (Hence it is DECL capacitor that determines the corner, because it has the Highest value). However, I am not sure, whether I should add all DECL capacitors for calculating the Cutoff frequency.


Also our Lowest Frequency is 120MHz, Hence the Poles should be set at 4MHz or below, right?