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Workarounds needed for DP sources via DP-HDMI dongles to HDMI RX

Question asked by BrianE Employee on Nov 27, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2013 by sban

We have accumulated a few issues with DP sources with dongles to convert to HDMI.  Can someone (or several) comment on these known issues and the workarounds that may be available for them, or a suggested course for investigation?  I've been made aware of a few issues, mostly lacking in detail, but on several fronts, sometimes apparently related to hotplug, its toggle duration, and power sequencing (of the DP and HDMI end devices), and other times more likely related to jitter, skew, and equalization, though the latter is estimated to be of less importance.  The issue is manifest as a problem on the HDMI RX side, and has been seen in a few devices: ADV7604, ADV7612, ADV7619, and ADV7623.