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Trouble sharing code across modules

Question asked by ChrisW679 on Nov 27, 2012
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in my application there is a table which I want to share with another module. The table is implemented as a variable in the first module:


#pragma section("seg_dmda")

float32_t gl_gain_values[19];


To allow other modules to access a particular index in this table I am sharing the following function:


void GetGalaGain(float32_t* gain, int32_t step)


    *gain = gl_gain_values[step];



My LDF file contains:




and the linker command looks like this:


elf2dyn -o "${ProjName}".dyn -e _BPROCESS_GalaTableAlgo -e _GetGalaGain "${ProjName}".dxe


The module which uses the function includes the symbol in its XML file:


<symbol name="_GetGalaGain" index="0" />


The function is then referenced using a function pointer:


void (*pfSSnModule)(float32_t* gain, int32_t step);


pfSSnModule = (void (*)(float32_t* gain, int32_t step))pSymbol[1];


pfSSnModule(&pGala_Params->m_gain, pGala_Params->m_gala_step);


It does not seem to be working, i.e. it somehow crashes when I add both modules in SigmaStudio.

I am using CCES The patch has been installed.


Can anybody see what I am doing wrong?