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EVAL-CED1Z and Blackfin EZ-Kit

Question asked by IvanRusov on Nov 27, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2012 by IvanRusov

Hi everybody,


I have an EVAL-CED1Z with EVAL-AD76XXEDZ. I evaluate it through PulSAR to EVAL-CED1Z Evaluation Software Version 1.7. All works great.


Next step is using Blackfin EZ-Kit (for example ADSP-BF537 Blackfin EZ-Kit Lite) connected directly through the U connector. Would ADI have an Blackfin firmware for driving EVAL-CED1Z and EVAL-AD76XXEDZ? Or should I have to write my own code for it? I just can't find this info on ADI web site. Thank you in advance.