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Output of I/Q Demodulator ADL5380 and Image Regection

Question asked by Dwij on Nov 27, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2012 by Qui


I am using Eval board of ADL5380.


If my RF is 2GHz, LO is 2.07GHz then should I expect 70MHz IF on both I and Q?


If my RF is 2.14GHzl, LO is 2.07GH then also I should expect 70MHz IF but phase of the Q would be negative as compared to RF=2GHz case, Is my understanding correct?


If this is correct then output would always contain signal and image, only their phase would be reversed and to achieve complete image rejection i would be needing external 90degree phase shift circuit. Is that correct?


Is it possible to send mathematical analysis of I/Q architecture used in ADI demods like ADL5380 or ADL5382?