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ADV7441A power supply sequencing, documentation error?

Question asked by Walter on Nov 26, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2012 by mattp



The Hardware Database Manual (ADV7441A_HW_RevJ.pdf) states on page 311 that "DVDDIO and TVDD should be powered up once DVDD, CVDD, PVDD, and AVDD are established."


The datasheet (ADV7441A.pdf Rev. H) states on page 10 (Absolute Maximum Ratings) that DVDDIO to AVDD must be in the range -0.3V to +3.6V.


In my view this is a contradiction. If during power up AVDD is 1.8V and DVDDIO is still at 0V as shown in the HW-Ref diagram (and described in the text), "DVDDIO to AVDD" is -1.8V and thereby violating the Absolute Maximum Ratings. (Just an example, other similar violations also exist).


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