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ADV7513 / unused CEC_IO pin.  I would like to remain CEC circuit wire.

Question asked by Bogey on Nov 25, 2012
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I undestood unused CEC_IO must be connected to GND.

Current system doesn't use CEC.  but, I would like to remain CEC circuit wire for system flexibility.

I would like to mak sure that HDMI certification test have no issue at CEC function.


Connection condition

#1,  ADV7513 CEC( 30 pin) is connected to HDMI connector (13 pin).

#2, CEC is pulled up 3.3V with 27Kohm and Diode.

#3, CEC funcion never be used.



Q1, Is above condition is OK?

Q1, Are there any ADV7513 setting requiement?

Q2, Can I remove 27K Ohm resistor and diode for cost down?   CEC is just  connected HDMI connector.