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ADE7880 / ADE7854

Question asked by dfarm on Nov 24, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2012 by larsc

I'm trying to connect an ADE7880 meter eval board to a beaglebone. I noticed the IIO driver for 7874 and found a tech document that documented the register remapping and other changes between the 7854 and 7880. I'm currently testing setting up the IIO device and am having problems. I compiled a kernel with the ad7854 and ad7854-spi kernel modules (ultimately I will be connecting the devices via SPI). I insmod both modules and they load successfully (as evidenced by the warning about staging modules and looking at /proc/modules) but when I go into sys/bus/iio/devices I don't see anything.


My assumption is that even without a device hooked up I should see entries under devices; assuming this works then I believe I can just swap in my modified 7880 module and with any luck it should work (ideally I'd like to use the netscope demo from the wiki once i get it setup). Can any provide some pointers on troubleshooting iio?