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AD8309, evaluating phase variation over input level, and over frequency

Question asked by usaghi on Nov 24, 2012
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A customer is asking whether the data of phase variation which is attached, is within the scope of specification of AD8309 ?

Details how they measured is not known, but only information I have is they are evaluating AD8309 Evaluation Board, assuming AD8309-EVALZ.

By comparing phase response data on AD8309 datasheet page.6, Figure 18, I feel data attached are rather out of range than data provided on datasheet. Especially, the customer mentioned they want to use it at 500MHz.


Please give any comment if there are any cases when measuring to get such data of phase variation by evaluating using eva-board of AD8309 ?


I can not go forward further on this, because I couldn't find any documentation of its eva-board on web site, so if you kindly provide this, it would also be much appreciated.


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