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ADL5801 - RF input Differential Drive

Question asked by veera on Nov 24, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2012 by bkamak



Due to Layout constraints, we are in position of not driving the RF input in a true Differential manner. We are having Length mismatch between RFin+ and RFin- traces by about 0.5mm. We are not sure about the effects of this Mismatch in RF design. Are there any Tolerance acceptable in length matching? Our frequecy of operation is from 120 to 160MHz and from 10 to 50 MHz.


Should the input AC coupling capacitor be placed very close to the RFin pin? Due to the Space constraints in our design we need to place them slightly farther by 6mm. Are these capacitors are only for AC coupling or is there any other special functionalities?