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ADuC7061 ADC Translate the Binary Code

Question asked by K.T.Eng on Nov 24, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2012 by K.T.Eng

The Story      : I have manage to connect the ADuC7061 in debugging mode.

I am trying to : Read the Primary ADC input, Channel 0 (ADC0)

Settings        : Single-ended mode, Unipolar, No GAIN, Vref = (AVDD,AGND) /2

                      The ADC5 is +1.25 Volts Biased.

                      Input to ADC0 +1.04 Volts

The Code      : I am using is the example that Analog Devices have in their website for Keil uVision4. Primary ADC project only i have changed the settings.



1) The Binary code that I am getting from the ADC with the above settings is : 0x00000000 no matter what.

    Although I am measuring with the oscilloscope +1.04 Volts in the Input of the ADC0.

    Why is that happening any idea?

    Note:I have checked the board is not faulty with 2 others as well and the ADuC7060 Eval board as well.


2) The Binary code i am getting when i am only changing the Unipolar to Twos Complement is : 0xFFFFFD55

     How can i convert that code to Volts, because I cannot find a way.


3) What does it mean when in the datasheet you are meantioning that ADC0 is with tespect of the ADC5 how does the Biased ADC5 input affects the result. The Datasheet confused me in that part.


NOTE: The Auxiliary ADC is working fine with the same voltage input or any other in Bipolar mode.

In the Unipolar all ADC results in Binary Codes are 0x00000000 no matter what.


I would appreciate if you could help me to find out the solution in that or maybe i have done something wrong without knowing it.

I thought just setup the ADC get the Binary Code and convert it will be easy but i am not going anywhere near here.