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The example code run fly with ADZS-SADA2-BRD and ADZS-BF609-EZ-BRD

Question asked by kevinxiao on Nov 24, 2012
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I am using CCES 1.0.1,hardware platform is ADZS-BF609-EZ KIT(means ADZS-SADA2-BRD+ADZS-BF609-EZ-BRD);

ADZS-SADA2-BRD Version: 1.0

ADZS-BF609-EZ-BRD Version: 1.0


For test the platform,I imported the example from BF609 BSP setup directory \Blackfin\Examples\services\gpio\BF609_LED_button_callback;

Building project and Debug as CorssCore Application(with core1 load nothing), setting automatical Breakpoint at main();

When running, It didn't stop at main() breakpoint. The console window didn't print anything such as debug message from printf() in code; It means the code didn't run correctly at all. find attachment 1 for printscreen;

Suspend core0, I found it run the wrong address. The led named staus on ADZS-SADA2-BRD was lit,other two leds were lit also.Printscreens can be found at attachment ;


By the way,I tried to other examples,the result was same. When I used ADZS-BF561-EZLITE + CCES 1.0.1, it is all right to run.

Could you give me any help? Thanks!