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ADAU1701 Sampling Frequency

Question asked by leonxp on Nov 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by KJBob

Hi everybody, I found some topics about Master clock configuration and limitations very useful to figure out better how ADAU1701 works.

What I didn't uderstand yet is the use of dropdown menu about Sampling Frequency in the SigmaStudio, I mean, If I select a different Sampling Frequecy from the menu above, where this information is written in the DSP? From what I've seen, no registers change when a new Fs has been set.

I have just to remember taking into account the limitations of the clock and Rate Modes, that is, if I wanna work with Fs=92kHz the "512 operations per sample" must be set in the core Register and if I wanna work with Fs=192kHz the "256 operations per sample" must be set in the Core Regiter.

1) But when I change the sampling rate from SigmaStudio Dropdown menu, what really happens?

2) And what should happen if I write a operation in RAM program at index 530, for instance, when I'm working with "512 operations per sample"? No operation exucution since the last op executed should be 511, isn't it?
Thanks for help.