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AD9889B without HDCP and Audio

Question asked by Hooin-Kyoma on Nov 22, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2012 by mattp

I have a few questions regarding the AD9889B and

I hope you can help me.


  • My aim is to use the AD9889B in my design, but only for video. So is it possible to use it

        without the audio inputs and HDCP pins?

  • What should I do technically on Hardware side with the unused pins?
  • Do I have the possibility to deactivate them by setting the registers in a certain way?
  • Will the Hardware/Software side deactivation cause any problems or any other issues?


  • Is it possible to use only 12 Bit of the Videodata-Inputs for RGB in Bayer Format?
  • Or do I have to calculate my video data up to 24 Bit?


Thank you!