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ADLsimRF "power backoff"

Question asked by man47 on Nov 22, 2012
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Hi Everyone,



I am using ADLsimRF software for my RF chain. I know that Pout backoff means that the input signal power is high so that it is saturating the block in the RF chain; but I faced a situation in which I think its not saturating the block while the block is turning red in ADLsimRF indicates that it is saturated!



The block (ADL5602)specifications are:



Power Gain = 19.5 dB


Output P 1dB = 19.3 dBm



input signal power = -8 dBm



So output signal power is 11.5 dBm



which is less than 19.3 dBm ; so why the block is turning red indicating 7.8 dB of Pout Backoff?