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Why do I end up idle in ___lib_prog_term

Question asked by mrsteel on Nov 22, 2012
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I'm developing on the ADSP-21489 Ez kit using VisualDSP++ V5 Update 10.1


I have an array of classes and when the array is long and I run the algorithm then the SHARC stalls and end up in "___lib_prog_term". When I shorten the array then the code runs fine (I'm only instantiating the classes - so far not making use of them). To me this could be due to insufficient memory but it doesn't correlate with how much memory the classes use. Also, I would expect to get some information from visualDSP saying that I don't have enough memory if that was the case. I would like get to know what causes this halting? I looked in several VisualDSP documents/books but didn't get any clues.


Since I believed that I have a memory issue I tried to fool around with the LDF (which I also attached here) and it seems that only one block out of the four available is used as data memory data (dmda). If the LDF seems to be restricting me from using all the on-chip memory I would be happy to hear how it should be modified to gain more memory.


I have only just started to work with the SHARC so maybe this is a no-brainer question