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What is residual noise (vs noise figure) and flicker of RF/IF Gain blocks

Question asked by Dorin on Nov 20, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2012 by bkamak

Hi all,

The question is related to noise figure of RF/IF gain amplifiers, and can be formulated in different variants.


1.a What was the signal level used to measure the noise figure of ADL5536 or ADL5602?

1.b If I provide a 0dBm signal with a noise level of -174dBc, what the output power/noise level would be?

     1.b.1 what if the signal is +5dBm with -179dBc?

     1.b.2 signal with -5dBm, -169dBc?

1.c. What is the residual noise of these amplifiers (providing a theoretical signal with -300dBc noise)?


The second question is:

2. What is the flicker corner of these amplifiers provided with a 0dBm signal?


Any help appreciated.