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Suggest suitable AD ICs for my application

Question asked by on Nov 20, 2012
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I have two (out of phase) analog sinewave signals coming in at around 13Mhz with a peak voltage of 10Vp and 1Vp respectively.


My purpose is to sample the value of either of the two signals when their value is equal and generate an analog out for that.


Thats how I thought it should work:



I think the device may be a differential amplifier, would subtract the two signals. The latch device should only trigger at 0 volt, and should not sample the input at higher or lower values of voltage at trigger.


Please suggest the circuit components and AD chips for that.


Also the chips should be high speed devices, I think.


Here is the circuit I'm working on right now:



However at high frequency 13MHz, there is a delay at the output :


A    -White

B    -Green

A-B  - Red