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Error li1080

Question asked by MrDr83 on Nov 20, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2012 by CraigG

HI all,



since yesterday I get the linker error li1080. I added a little c++-class to my project and I've got the problem. Then I read the manuals and saw that I should be able to solve the problem with the -jcs2l switch of the linker. This switch was enabled yet, so I have no idea how to solve the problem.


The LDF-File was modifed by a colleague of me, but he has changes the company. I'm not proficient in the LDF-File so I hope you can explain me the function und structure of the file.


I appended my LDF-File to this entry so you can have a look at my file.


What is wrong in my file? What changes are needed to solve the li1080 error?


Thanks a lot!