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SigmaStudio: ERROR! One or more symbols are not resolved.

Question asked by ChrisW679 on Nov 20, 2012
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I have a problem with custom modules in SigmaStudio for Sharc.


One of my custom modules has a global buffer which the other custom module should use. I placed the buffer in section "seg_dmda". In my C code (in CCES, it looks like this:


#pragma section("seg_dmda")

float32_t gl_gain_values[19];


I inserted the KEEP directive in the LDF file




and passed the symbol as entry point to elf2dyn.exe:


elf2dyn -o "${ProjName}".dyn -e _gl_gain_values "${ProjName}".dxe


In the custom module which is accessing the buffer I added the symbol to the XML file:


<symbol name="_gl_gain_values" index="0" />


I access the buffer using the pointer pExtSymbols.


Both module libraries are in my SigmaStudio schematic. The compiler outputs this:


ERROR! One or more symbols are not resolved.

Not resolved: _gl_gain_values

Compilation Failed!


Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong?