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Blackfin 537 production programming

Question asked by MattZ on Nov 19, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2012 by MattZ

Hi All,


I have a custom designed board that uses a BF537. The firmware we've written for it includes the ability to program the flash chips from which the board boots. We send the program via ethernet with a simple python script and a NIC that is integrated into the board.


To date, we've been programming the boards initially by connecting an AD ICE-USB to the JTAG header on the board, loading our program into RAM and then programming the flash devices via our firmware.


I'm now interested in implementing a low volume production solution for first time programming of these boards. The issues with my current approach are:

1. This requires VDSP to be installed on the computer that is going to be programming the boards. This seems like overkill since the production technicians are not doing and firmware development or debugging, just programming.

2. AD states that the ICE-USB is not for production applications. Plus the ICE-USB is not that robust, meaning the connection cable can't be replaced if it wears out.


I'm wondering what process people here might recommend. I've assumed that I could find a relatively inexpensive solution would load our firmware into RAM and follow the above process with our firmware. But maybe that is not the best solution? Also, does anyone have any recommendations on hardware for loading the program?


thanks in advance