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Can I use SPI ADuC706x for daisy chaining of multiple MCUs?

Question asked by on Nov 19, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2012 by MMA

I expect one SPI master (aduc) providing clock (4-5 mbps)  and several numbers (N) of slaves (also aduc) . Slaves are connected consecutive, so that MISO of one slave is linked to the MOSI of next slave. Each slave provides 2 bytes of specific information. The task is to download those 2 bytes from each slave to master with a maximum possible speed.

I can think of this system as about long shift register. At the moment of start of transferring data by master, there are 2 bytes of initial data in each slave, and then they shift down to master bit-by-bit.


How this could be done? What configuration should i use, what kind of interrupts?


Is SPIRX and SPITX physically different registers or it is one register?

Should I move (copy) input (received) data from input FIFO to the output FIFO or this can be done automatically?