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AD8555 Program Fail

Question asked by Jacky-chen-2 on Nov 17, 2012

Dear All:

I carried out a test of the AD8555 Evaluation Board, found to the following questions.


Q1: GUI Software interface different

STATUS: I tried install the AD8555 EVB Software tool from AD8555 EVB kit CD disk another to ADI Web Site download
are run "setup_EvalAD8555_1509.exe" file(see
Figure 1) .After comparing the Application
Note AN-730/AD8555AR-EVAL
operation file GUI Software (Figure 2) is different.



      Figure 1


     Figure 2


Q2: Direct use GUI Software defaults as shown in Figure 1, the Program button is pressed, the following error message will always appear



But I do not know what happened, I follow up AN-730 document step by step to setup my testing platform but final result can not be used? My NB supports 25-pin parallel port .O/S is Window XP. Can tell me a detailed operational processes?